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If you're serious about search engine optimization, you will quickly know or learn that misspellings account for a very large percentage of the searches that are done by Surfers on a daily basis. Some misspellings happen simply because the Surfer doesn't necessarily know the correct spelling of the word or phrase that they search for. Hence, they may for example search for "labtop" instead of "laptop", or for "jamacia" instead of "jamaica". Other typos happen simply because the searcher hit the wrong key. For example, the "A" key is located directly to the left of the "S" key on the keyboard, and so it's not impossible to see a mistake being made in haste, such as "aoftware" being typed instead of "software".

There are many smart SEOs out there generating optimized pages that directly target these misspellings and typos. Our free misspelling generator below takes the brain work out of creating a keyword list of potential misspellings that you may want to target. It simply takes your keyword or phrase and generates all possible combinations of keyboard-driven typos:

Misspelling Generator Instructions:
Simply type a word or phrase into the box below and click the "typo it!" button to see all possible keyboard typo combinations. You can then use your mouse to block and copy the text to your word processor or spreadsheet.

Word / Phrase:

Testament to the power of misspellings:
Some excerpts from a recent article in the NY Times are featured below.
  • Such is the eBay underworld of misspellers, where the clueless — and sometimes just careless — sell labtop computers, throwing knifes, Art Deko vases, camras, comferters and saphires
  • One unofficial survey — an hour's search for creative spellings — turned up dozens of items, including bycicles, telefones, dimonds, mother of perl, cuttlery, bedroom suits and loads of antiks. Contacted, the sellers were often surprised to hear that they had misspelled their wares.
  • Ms. Marshall, who lives in Dallas, said she knew she was on shaky ground when she set out to spell chandelier. But instead of flipping through a dictionary, she did an Internet search for chandaleer and came up with 85 or so listings. She never guessed, she said, that results like that meant she was groping in the spelling wilderness. Chandelier, spelled right, turns up 715,000 times


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