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It's always a good thing to know how many pages and sites are linking to you, and if possible which specific sites are linking to you. A link popularity check is one of the best ways to identify and measure your web site's online awareness and overall visibility. To put it simply, link popularity refers to the total number of incoming links or "votes" that a search engine has found for your web site. The link popularity checker options below are some of the best available on the web for free. Important note for webmasters, typically you can visit your favorite search engine / directory and check your site's link popularity there by typing in link: in the search box.

Market Leap
Marketleap's link popularity checker tool is designed to help web site owners to find who specifically is linking to their site, as well as to provide a useful benchmarking report which shows where your site stands in comparison to competitors and other major online destinations. Webmasters can also add this tool to their site.

Mike's Tools
Mike's link popularity checker offers instant online reports of a site's link popularity rating in at Google, MSN (Inktomi), AllTheWeb (FAST), AltaVista, & Teoma (Ask Jeeves).

Provides shortcuts to view your site's backlinks at the Alta Vista, Google and Hotbot search engines.

Traffic Zap
Provides shortcuts to view your site's backlinks at the Alta Vista, Google, Alta Vista, MSN and Lycos/AllTheWeb.

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