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Careful keyword research into the keywords and keyword phrases that are most 'searched' and most commonly sought out by your target audience is one of the most important steps in search engine optimization. A site that's optimized to the fullest will do nothing for your sales or conversions if you haven't targeted the proper words and phrases. Single keywords are definitely the most competitive and difficult to rank for, thus you should use the keyword research tools below to help identify the keyword phrases associated with your main keyword. By targeting some of these phrases, your site might be able to get more traffic and better conversions than the sites that already rank for the main single keyword.

Overture Suggestion Tool
Overture is quite possibly the world's most popular pay-per-click (PPC) search engine. It offers a free tool for you to research how many times a specific word or phrase was searched on in the previous month, as well as identify specific keyword phrases that are popular and associated with the specific word or phrase that you chose to search on.

Very similar to Overture which is detailed above, WordTracker's service is also is not free but very much worth it. It provides details of searches mainly from a number of meta search engines including Mamma and 7Search. Despite this however, it is quite useful when compared to Overture because it gives you a better idea of searches for misspellings and plurals. Overture tends to group such keywords under the main/actual keyword.

ESpotting Keyword Generator
ESpotting is a popular UK-based PPC engine. So if you need some help choosing relevant keywords, simply enter the keyword of your choice their results page will show you not only how many searches that keyword has received in the past 30 days, but also additional related searches that include your keyword. They also offer various the keyword generator in various languages - Spanish | French | German | Italian

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions
Google.Com, undoubtedly the most popular search engine in the world, also offers you a tool that gives you suggested other suggested keywords and keyphrases based on your keyword search. It does not however give you a numeric estimate of the number of searches that the identified words and phrases received over a specific time period. They too offer it in a number of languages - Austrian | Belgian | Japanese | German | French | Italian

The Lycos 50
Aaron Schatz's Lycos Top 50 looks at the top 50 searches on Lycos for the preceeding week. This resource is an excellent tool to help identify trends and globally popular search terms. Rank for these big keywords and you're definitely up there amongst the 'big boys'.

Yahoo! Buzz Index
Yahoo's Buzz Index provides a peak at the leading search queries at the Yahoo search portal. The data is collected from Yahoo's search log files and counts the total number of people searching for specific subjects.

See what people are searching for at the MetaCrawler.Com search engine at any given moment. Results refresh every 15 seconds.


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