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Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword or keyphrase to the total number of words (depth) on a page. Importantly, keyword density is one of the most critical aspects of search engine optimization. Most search engines use keyword density in their algorithms to help determine how sites are ranked. To improve your search engine ranking, your keyword density must not be too high or too low. Keyword analysis is a the process of analyzing the keyword density of a specific page. Below we've provided links to free keyword analysis tools. PS ... are you looking for keyword research tools?

Live Keyword Analysis
Find the optimal keyword density quite easily. Here you can simply type in your keywords, then paste in the text that you want to analyze. The keyword density analysis request will be done "on the fly" and automatically without the need for you to press 'submit'.

Keyword Density & Prominence v1.017b
An excellent free keyword density analysis tool which analyses the number of times the specified keyword is found on the page, total count of words, total count of unique words, total words found in Heading tags, number of repeats of all other words and a plethora of other useful data.

Density Analyzer
Northern Webs simple keyword density analyzer. It counts the number of words on the page, stop words, unique words and also analyses the frequency % of all words on the page.

Keyword Count
Using this tool you can analyze the keyword frequency of your specified word on a URL, as well as compare word frequencies with a second URL. Also allows you to ignore certain common keywords.

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