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Google spoofs and Google hacks are a fun and most times, a very useful way of looking at and analyze the results from the world’s most popular search engine. The list of Google hacks and spoofs below definitely offer something fun or interesting in a way that Google was not necessarily designed to produce/display.

FreshGoo makes it easy to search Google for pages added recently (today, yesterday, last 7 days, past 30 days).

Google Stripped
Viewed "stripped down" Google results for queries. These results do not include site descriptions or ads, only the site title and link to the site are displayed.

Google Dance Tool
Made popular and widely used prior to Nov/Dec when Google seemingly ceased doing its usually monthly updates. Google now seems to update "on the fly" (constantly) but this tool is still quite handy to identify any minor updates that may be occurring.

Google Fight
Compare the number of results for two competing keywords or phrases.

Google Adsense Preview
Shows how Google Adsense ads for your site will appear. This tool will also help you to know if any competitor's ads will be shown by AdSense on your web pages.

It's Google, but totally backwards. Enter your search queries backwards as well!

Google Alert
A free service that searches Google daily updating you vi email when results for your preferred query appear.

Google Dance Machine
See if there are varying results across several Google Servers. It is very similar to the Google dance tool detailed above.

One of the newer Google Hacks on the block. Soople offers several different interfaces that take advantage of the Google search engine. There you can search by filetypes specified by radio-button, do stock searches or image searches, and search for definitions. Use the links at the top of the page to find more in-depth search forms for calculators, a translator, phone number search, and a "superfilter" that looks a lot like the advanced search form.


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