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When a Surfer leaves a specific webpage or site, the person is said to have left or "exited". Thus, the traffic that leaves a webpage or site is also known as "exit traffic". Providing the Surfer with an alternative to your site at the point that they exit (for example by using a pop under window ) is a smart way to: (1) cycle traffic through a ring of your own web sites (2) Share traffic with your friends and other online partners (3) Make money via affiliate programs that pay you if your exit traffic converts succesfully at their website.

From option (3) above, one such free exit exchange traffic tool that we recommend, is GoldenPalaceAffiliates.Com's exit traffic sharing tool. This exit exchange tool is a co-branded service provided by well-recognized casino affiliate program - Golden Palace Affiliates - and, a provider of exit traffic pop unders for many large portals.

How it works - the exit exchange tool allows you to share your exit traffic with other casino affilates, while allowing you to profit from their exit traffic as well. This will effectively double your traffic without you needing to spend even a cent!

From time to time as well, instead of another member site popping up on exit of your site, a partner casino will pop up. Thus, as a affiliate, you will get credit for this impression sent to the partner casino, and of course the financial benefit if this traffic actually ends up signing up and spending money at the casino. More traffic and more money for you! With the Golden Palace Affiliates / Before You Go exit exchange tool, it's undoubtedly a win-win situation, so get the ball a-rolling and sign up here.

A bit about Before-You-Go's free exit exchange system:

Increase Traffic Without Increasing Spending
The traffic your site generates is very valuable. funnels highly targeted exit traffic from other sites that cater specifically to your target audience, and brings it directly to your virtual door. In exchange for all of this highly targeted traffic, you will send 40% of your exit traffic to other partners.

Protect Your Investment
Here at we understand that you don't want to lose any of your existing members to the competition. Our revolutionary exit traffic system can differentiate between your pre-existing members and casual surfers who have inadvertently come across your site. By simply inserting a small piece of code in your HTML pages, you are on your way to generating more traffic and significantly more revenue.

Try It For YourSelf - Sign Up offers a variety of test packages to our partners. Want to try out a new demographic? We can have your site appear on other partner sites within minutes! Save money, increase traffic AND protect your current customers!


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