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The links to free tools below will help you to find free domainnames based on a variety of criteria. Each link offers something unique and useful depending on the word you lookup and/or the type of domain name you seek.

Name Protect
When you visit the link about, select the option for "Domain Names" then type a word in the search box and press enter. Name Protect will then return a list of all domains that have the searched 'word' in a domain name which is already registered, as well as indicate which of these have extensions that are not yet registered. DOT-COM, .NET, .ORG and .CC are the domain name extensions covered.

Domain Explorer
Enter your keyword / desired domain in the search box and it will return dozens of suggested domain names. The list of suggested domainnames will include:
• Names that have never been registered
• Names that are already registered and are hosted and live
• Names that are already registered and are being parked or redirected
• Names that are already registered and not live
• Names that are already registered, recently expired and on-hold
• Names that are already registered, now expired and on-hold (Redemption Period)
• Names that are already registered, now expired and on-hold (Pending Delete)
• Names were previously registered, expired and now deleted and available again

NameBoy will generate a smart list of suggested domainnames based on the keywords (it allows you enter up to two keywords) you enter, and you can register or back-order them on their website. DOT-COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .US, .CC, .BIZ and .TV domain extensions are all covered. You also have two good options, one is to allow keywords with hyphens and the other is to allow rhymes.

Deleted Domains
A good way to find a good domainname is to register a domain name that is already expired. Every day hundreds of perfectly good domain names expire and are deleted from the list of registered domain names. DeletedDomains.Com offers an excellent free and comprehensive service for finding "deleted" and "on-hold" domains. Unlike a lot of 'expired domain name services' that simply offer a list that is updated once or twice a week, their database is updated at least once each day, thus making it one of the most up-to-date free services of its kind. It also provides details about newly registered domain names (an excellent way to identify good ideas and potential trends).

Soon-To-Expire and Pending Delete domain names
Cpureview.Com provides this excellent resource - a daily updated list of soon-to-expire and pending delete domain names. What's especially good about this service is that it is specific to domainnames that are currently listed in Dmoz and Yahoo. Very valuable possibilities indeed, maybe some residual traffic and rankings to be had easily. To top it off, they provide a page that details the best quality domains from these lists, using Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and Alexa links as criteria of evaluation.


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In 1993 there were only 600 .COMs registered!